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CDM Software Solutions has been developing global logistics software solutions since 1988, and the firm has been a certified U.S. Customs software application provider since 1990, providing fully integrated supply chain compliance, documentation and operations software for a range of uses. These include Air Freight (Import, Export and Domestic), Air Freight Consolidation, Ocean Freight (Import and Export), Ocean Freight Consolidation, Truck/Inland Freight, Rail Freight, Warehousing, Logistics and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

Being so long established has provided us with a unique insight into the freight forwarding industry. Global compliance is the number one requirement for freight forwarders, importers and shippers. As more and more countries require advanced shipment details, companies that ship globally must have a dynamic software solution that can meet their existing requirements and grow to meet new requirements for business in other countries that require shipment compliance.




CDM Software Solutions is a dynamic, fast moving company that strives to be proactive in meeting customer demands, and it is the quick turnaround we offer when providing solutions to our customers and our customer’s customers, suppliers, carriers and other trade partners that is key to a successful partnership, and it is this that separates us from our competition and makes us the best global software solution option to our clients.

Looking to the future we have a number of exciting growth opportunities ahead of us. Based on significant growth and expansion over the past four years, CDM Software Solutions will continue to aggressively approach new markets throughout the world, and we are looking to expand to Toronto and Paris in 2019.